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Panamanian Folk Dance

Panamanian folk dance is a vibrant and integral part of the country's rich cultural heritage, reflecting a diverse tapestry of influences from indigenous, African, and European traditions. One of the most renowned traditional dances is the "La Pollera", a graceful and colorful dance that embodies the essence of Panamanian femininity and elegance. Adorned in intricately embroidered dresses, women perform intricate footwork and twirl gracefully to the lively melodies of folk music, evoking a sense of pride and tradition. Another notable dance is the "El Tamborito", which originated from the African heritage of the country and is characterized by energetic rhythmic movements accompanied by the beats of drums and other traditional instruments. These dances often narrate stories of love, nature, and historical events, serving as a means of preserving and celebrating Panama's cultural identity. Through their dynamic movements, vibrant costumes, and rhythmic music, Panamanian folk dances continue to captivate audiences and provide a window into the soul of the nation.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

  • Available everyday 

  • 8 am everyday, the best time suggested is in the morning.


  • 1 Hour


Just the proof of payment 



  • Cocktail or Beer

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